Friday, September 17, 2010

Bright Bold and Beautiful: The Zhush

Sue of The Zhush is the next host in my BB&B guest post series,
"What is bright, bold, and beautiful to you?" Thank you Sue!
I love the idea of breaking down the name of Laura's lovely blog: Bright, Bold & Beautiful. I had to narrow down my definitions of these words as my ideas on the subject seemed to go on and are my favorites:
A bright idea and a great way to brighten up an interior and even any mood, is to add elements of family life to a space. Whether it be children's artwork, portraits, a family tree or even a framed letter from a loved one, rooms with a personal touch in this manner always seem "brighter" to me.
Guest post - The Zhush
Jewel tones speak to me...and purple practically screams my name. This royal hue always captures my attention and my imagination in a bold way...
wherever and however I see it.
Guest post - The Zhush
Guest post - The Zhush
The health, happiness and well being of my family is not only a priority, but a beautiful thing. Teaching my children that time spent together is valuable and showing them the beauty in life while doing it, for me, is perfection. I love pointing out beauty in nature as well as "man made" beauty to their young eyes wherever I find it.
Bright Bold and Beautiful
Guest post - The Zhush
Thanks so much for having me over at Bright, Bold and Beautiful!
I had so much fun thinking about and sharing what these words
mean to me!
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