Sunday, January 31, 2010

Kate Spade

Everything about Kate Spade is bright, bold, and beautiful ...
Need I say more?

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Bright and Beautiful Art: Tina Tarnoff

I am so excited to share with you this wonderful papercut art by Tina Tarnoff! Her work has such a lively and romantic feel. She has a fabulous blog as well!

Happy Weekend

The snow has cancelled our run this morning for the 10K training team, and I must say that I am not upset. I think I'll fix myself a large cup of hot chocolate and cozy up to a fire!
Have a bright, bold, and beautiful weekend!

Friday, January 29, 2010

Simple Floral Arrangements

Making your home a little sweeter for Valentine's Day doesn't have to be a chore! Simply add any of your favorite blooms to a fun and colorful mug for an instant floral arrangement.
images via housebeautiful

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Feedbag Decor at Olivine



Olivine, the wonderful home decor store in the Rice Village.  There’s a 20% off sale, store wide going on right now.


When Olivine, a home decor store,  moved  their location to the Rice Village last September, Helen – it’s charming owner – ordered a truckload of merchandise from French Laundry Home.   That small furniture and bedding company is heavily invested in the feedbag look, which I am slightly crazy for.    All the new merchandise had not yet arrived by the time of the grand opening -  but it’s in the store now.   So exciting!  Some of you might not be devoted to the feedbag and burlap look, but I am totally obsessed with it.    Last year I used feedbags bought on eBay for a client’s living room:



A client’s living room where I used feedbag pillows.  I also included pillows made out of the Ikat fabric for when the client wants a change.




L.A.’s Dan Marty is often credited with helping fuel the feedbag/burlap decorative trend last year.   His fabulous showroom is sadly now closed.   While Marty’s furniture was upholstered in lowly burlap and feedbag instead of pricey fabrics – his pieces were still very, very expensive.



imageAt Olivine in Houston, they carry French Laundry Home, a furniture collection very similar to Dan Marty’s, but with much lower price points.  This chair in the front window caught my eye – I’d been anxiously waiting to see the new merchandise in person.   



imageThe chair from the back.  The lettering is on both the front and the back.   Notice too how French Laundry Home leaves the very small nails exposed – a tiny detail  taken from antique French chairs that is seeing a resurgence.



imageThis is the chair from the new collection that I really wanted to see.  From French Laundry Home – here they used two different sizes of large nail heads.   A slipper chair, it is low and wide. 




image The back is cane and its cushion actually looks like a pillow.




French Laundry home – a child’s sized armchair – too cute!




Side view with a close up of the exposed nails. 




This stool could be used for multiple reaons.  I love the attached metal handles.




Top view.  Two together would be a great substitute for a coffee table. 



image Another arm chair – this time adult sized – from French Laundry Home.  Again, exposed tiny nails – very trendy.





French Laundry Home also has many fabrics to choose from to upholster their different frames on custom orders.   Loving these two fabrics, of course.




French Laundry Home also sells bedding – notice the blanket cover looks like the heavy ticking linen.



image French Laundry Home pillows – made out of their fabrics – the postcard pillow is adorable.



image More French Laundry Home pillows. 




Another bedding ensemble from French Laundry Home.  Helen at Olivine can order any other of these items.   Unfortunately French Laundry Home’s web site is not working!?!!





Olivine also carries a great assortment of merchandise from another company -  Bella Notte Linens.    I used this same whisper linen in white on my daughter’s bed. 




Elisabeth’s room with the Bella Notte whisper linen duvet and pillow in white – it’s so thin and soft, like tissue almost.  





 The web site for Bella Notte is gorgeous – all the different combinations, fabrics and colors are shown. 



image Bella Notte has many different fabrics besides linen – their satins and velvets are especially beautiful.   Olivine can special order any ensemble they don’t have in the shop.




I think Helen ordered the entire Vagabond Vintage catalogue for her store.  These make great market totes or travel bags.





Vintage Vagabond’s feedbag collection of totes, pillows and cushions.  They also sell feedbag runners.




I bought this large VV bag from Olivine – I store all my camera equipment in it. 




Besides French Laundry Home, Vagabond Vintage, and Bella Notte Linens, there were other new items at Olivine that I especially liked:   these linen slipcovers are readymade for chairs.   Much cheaper than having them custom made – that’s for sure.


 image  This turquoise chandelier was a blog sensation – but very pricey.  




Olivine has this great copy of the turquoise chandelier.




These are a favorite new item on the market – in case you never have seen these, they are battery operated “candles” that look remarkably real.   Perfect for candeliers – especially since they are remote control.





And, Olivine also carries the entire line of Les Indiennes, the wonderful cotton hand blocked fabrics.


It’s a small, small world.  A few weeks ago HERE I wrote about my husband, Ben, aka Mr. Slipper Socks Man,  going out to pick up dinner, in his slipper socks, on New Years Eve, no less.  While in line, a woman recognized him after she looked down and noticed his sexy choice of footwear.   Imagine my surprise and sheer amazement when I walked into Olivine a few days ago and a shopper whispers to Helen, “Is that Joni?”   Sure!  That’s Joni.   The shopper was none other than the same sweet woman who recognized Ben on New Years Eve!  Small, small world of the Houston inner loopers.  We had a good laugh and I begged her to let me show her picture on the blog.  Isn’t she beautiful?   Maybe I should have some sort of award for any reader that spots both Mr. Slipper Socks Man AND me in two separate locations within the same month?   


image The eagle eyed reader who recognized Ben’s shoes first. 




For any questions or information about merchandise found at Olivine, contact Helen or Kathy at the number above!

Got Lime?

How about a splash of lime?

Beautiful Bathrooms

It's time to start thinking about colors for the upstairs bathroom. Here are some lovely photos that give me inspiration to create a beautiful space. The green wall color and matching towels are soothing and peaceful in this room, especially with the natural light pouring in.
The neutral tones and simple symmetry work beautifully here.
I love the buttercream color in this room. Very inviting and cheerful!

Look at the gorgeous textured walls in this room and
I am in love with this glass bowl sink.

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Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Bright Ideas: iPad

So what do you think? I am already addicted to my iPhone,
so this iPad looks amazing! If you’d like to be notified when iPad will be available to order, just click here.

Happy Wednesday

I am in love with this beautiful print from Please Be Still!
So full of life...
Be sure to check out My Passport to Style today. My friend, Sharon is sponsoring a fund raising tea dance for Haiti Aid. It's a feast for the eyes... I want that sweet pastel dress.

Beautiful Sponsor: Kim Smith

Every girl loves a pretty charm bracelet. These colorful bracelets designed and handmade by Kim Smith are so fun!

Which is your favorite?