Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Dream Big

We should be reminded of this every day... What are your dreams?
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Also, a HUGE thank you goes out to Marianne at Haven and Home
for featuring my watercolors today!

Chincoteague Sunset Rentals

Are you looking for a relaxing vacation? Leave your busy schedule behind and enjoy the southern hospitality of Chincoteague Sunset Rentals.
Sunset Bay Villa #207 is a beautiful home overlooking the marina and the Chincoteague Bay. The decorating is elegant and bright.
The open floor plan offers plenty of space for entertaining and a view
of the Chincoteague Bay from the kitchen.

The master suite has a private bath with jacuzzi tub, separate shower and double vanity, a view of the Chincoteague Bay and access to your private balcony.
There is a separate laundry room with full size washer and dryer, 2nd bedroom, 2nd full bathroom and a sunset view from the cheerful den.
If you are noticing some familiar artwork on the walls like the famous "red crab" and "hosta prints", that is because my Mom owns this condo! We are going on Friday to visit, and I will post more pictures when I return.
This Villa sleeps 8, (Master 2-D/2nd bdrm 1-Q/Den 1-D Sleeper Sofa / Livingroom 1- Q Sleeper Sofa) ~ Satellite Tv's ~ Living room 37" with DVD player, Master bedroom 22", Den 19" ~ Wireless Internet (for you bloggers!)
Click here to reserve your spot today!
Mention Bright, Bold, and Beautiful and receive a complimentary
Red Crab print upon your arrival!

Paisley in Paris

If you are like me, you are always scrambling to buy a birthday card at the last minute in the nearest convenience store! Take a peek at my lovely sponsor,
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Pictures from Pizzo

Pizzo at the marina on Sunday

stromy weather in Pizzo

another building site, below the house

the building site from high above
(our architect is also responsibl for the new port contruction)

the dark 'whole' below in the rock will be the 'blue grotto'
What an amazing view from our balcony we will have !

While the adults are checking and discussing over and over the things to do inside, our boy plays football outside - so far the best of his holiday that he considers boring (it is too cold for for the beach!).

Popular in Italy: the pellet heater - it keeps the soggiorno warm during the day and is cheaper than gas.

It's orange season - 1 kilo = 1 Euro

It's evening in Pizzo with Stromboli in the distance

I am glad to have managed to download, compress and upload pictures with Angelo's laptop. And I hope you enjoy this potpurri of impressions from Pizzo.

weather: sunny and cloudy, chilly whistling wind, temperature felt app. 10 degrees Celsius

update from Pizzo


today I woke up and the sky was grey. Very windy and chilly outside - and it is not much warmer inside.

Sleeping with hot-water bottles makes the nights cosier. During the days I am wearing wool sweaters - sometimes two layers.

However, the good news is, that the wind here at the seaside blows away always the clowds quiet quickly and we have sunshine everyday. The weather forecast (the link is on my blogroll) is surprisingly reliable.

We have been to the house daily since our arrival on Sunday. Yesterday we ordered the following material to continue and finish the attic (mansard) :
  • material to insolate the roof (it also absorbs noise, smell and humidity)
  • white paint for the beams under the roof
  • and the parquet flooring (white painted oak panels)
And we have been looking into tiles (again) for the bathroom. We are very close to make a decision ;-)
We also bought some spare paint for the main facade to paint over some spots and kids scrawl.

I have made lots of picures yet - not many from the house as there is nothing new - except some more mould in the basement (well, we need to speed up to finish) - but pictures from the area. The other night we saw Stromboli at sunset. But so far I have not figured out why I am not able to upload picures to my blog (and even to my emails). I am here at Angelo's laptop, all different and in Ialian.

I will be back soon with pics. Also from the inside of the house as CC and Angelo are right now there to prepare the wooden beams for the paint job.

Saluti della Calabria

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cote de Texas Interview




I sat down for a quick interview this week with the blog Hall Ready.  Well – that’s not exactly the truth – I actually sat down with my computer and answered a few questions sent to me via email.  Somehow pretending I was interviewed in a studio with lights and cameras sounds more romantic than just typing out a few quick answers.

Kate Shaw, a photographer, writes the blog Hall Ready which has a very interesting premise:  it is dedicated to showing how best to show art in the home.   Shaw writes about purchasing art, framing it, and hanging it.  So naturally my interview centered around art in my home (of which I have very very little!)




Look Ma – no art!!!!   Hall Ready ask me what was the newest piece of art work I had hanging in my house:   it’s my antique French barometer purchased on 1st Dibs. 



image Close up of barometer.




Antique mirror:  Hall Ready asked me what was the artwork I’ve owned for the longest period of time.  The answer is this mirror that once hung in my parents house.


To read the Cote de Texas interview on Art in the Home, go to Hall Ready HERE.   Thanks Kate!!!




And don’t forget, Wednesday is the last day to enter the great DOXA Design Group giveaway.  Go HERE for all the information on how to enter.

Can You Read This?

fi yuo cna raed tihs, yuo hvae a sgtrane mnid too. Cna yuo raed tihs?
Olny 55 plepoe out of 100 can.
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Bright Ideas: Creative Easter Eggs

I found these creative ideas for your Easter eggs in Readers Digest. With a little glitter, grosgrain ribbon and acrylic paint, look what you can create!

Sun Kissed

How about some warm yellow hues...
I am loving these fun prints and this beautiful bag!

Reading is Sexy

What are you reading? Have you read Barefoot? It's one of my favorites!
photo via flickr

Monday, March 29, 2010

Villa in Ocean's Twelve

Remember the villa they filmed in the movie Ocean's Twelve? It is actually a 19th century Villa on the banks of Lake Como in Milan, Italy. Gorgeous right?
(Of course I am talking about George :)

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Neutral vs Bright Colors

When choosing colors for your interiors, do you lean more towards neutrals

or bright colors?
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Bright Ideas: Bull dog clips

How do you organize your stuff? I like to have plenty of bull dog clips around to group items together and even attach to the wall.
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Vogue 1947

A classic, "Vogue" 1947 cover by John Rawlings
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Sunday, March 28, 2010

A DOXA Design Group Fabulous Giveaway!!!!!!



A few months ago I was thrilled beyond words when House Beautiful named Cote de Texas as the “go-to blog” to read all about what they called “The Ruralists” design trend.  Imagine being in the same company as Axel Vervoordt and Bobby McAlpine.  It was enough to make my head swell about two sizes bigger!   The buzzwords House Beautiful used to describe this design style are:  handmade, pure, sophisticated, global country and miles of linen.  Well, I do want to one day wrap myself up in miles and miles of pure linen – I can’t imagine anything better.


image DOXA Design Group


After the House Beautiful article,  Jaime Rogers who runs the online marketplace DOXA Design Group, took note of the Ruralists designation.  DOXA is a one stop shop for online purchasing of anything home decor related.  What sets DOXA apart from other online sites is how the merchandise is presented.    In order to simplify the process, DOXA has divided its goods into design categories.     For instance, there are the other House Beautiful Trends categorized – such as The Glams,  and The New  Victorians.   And there are Collections such as:  Positano, Hollywood, Santa Barbara, and Upper East Side.  Other sections are divided by color.   Each section is filled with the merchandise that goes with that particular style.  If you are looking to decorate a room in a “Glam” style – DOXA has gathered all the chairs, sofas, tables, mirrors, lamps, etc. that fit that particular style.     I love to go to DOXA when I am working on a new design project and see what’s available under a certain style  or color theme – it makes my  job so much easier to have it all already organized!    Here are a few of my favorite items from the new Ruralist Trend Collection on DOXA.



image Woven Lily Chair


imageWeathered Wooden Lamp




The Monarch Sofa Bench



imageThe Zebra Bench


Since the Ruralist Trend group is so new to DOXA, and in order to spread the word, DOXA is generously offering Cote de Texas readers a giveaway!   In addition, 3 Fine Grains is also contributing to the giveaway.   3 Fine Grains is a wonderful Etsy shop owned by Kymberley Fraser that specializes in grain sack pillows, furniture  and other goodies.  DOXA will soon be carrying some of Kym’s merchandise in the Ruralist Collection.  In order to see 3 Fine Grains merchandise, go HERE.   


image 3 Fine Grains:   offers a wonderful wing chair made with an original grain sack. 


1.  The Rules:

In order to enter the giveaway, simply go to DOXA Design Group HERE, pick out one item you would like for your own.  Then, come back to this comment section at Cote de Texas and let me know which item you picked!  It’s that simple.  I’ll pick two winners, randomly. 


image An example of the grain sack pillow to be on the giveaway.


2. The Giveaways:

There will be a first and second place winner. 

The first place winner will receive a choice between an Antique Grain Sack or an Antique Grain Sack Pillow ($400 Value) and a $250 DOXA Home Gift Certificate.

The Second Place winner will receive a $100 DOXA Home Gift Certificate.



DOXA also offers interior design services.  Check the web site for more information.


The contest closes at midnight this Wednesday, so hurry up and go to DOXA Design Group HERE, pick out your item, and leave me the comment.  Good luck to everyone!!!!!

Additionally, DOXA is offering a discount to all CdT readers:   For the next two weeks, on all orders over $500, there will be a 15% off discount.  Use the code CDT15.   And for more information about DOXA, please be sure to visit their blog HERE.

Lastly, Willow Decor, a design blog, has a great story about 3Fine Grains, to read it,  go HERE.