Friday, August 20, 2010

Bright Bold and Beautiful: La Dolce Vita

Paloma of La Dolce Vita is the next host in my BB&B guest post series,
"What is bright, bold, and beautiful to you?" Thank you, Paloma!
Thank you, Laura for asking me to be a part of this inspiring series! Putting this post together was so fun, but it turned out to be a little more challenging than I had imagined. It was so difficult to narrow it down to just a few images! I hope you’ll be as inspired by them as I am.
{To me, a bright room is one that feels inviting and is filled with a positive energy. This room by Miles Redd is absolutely, but it is not completely unpretentious. Can you imagine a brighter, more cheerful space?}
{Sara Ruffin Costello’s beautiful dining room is both bright and beautiful. It seems like the perfect place to get energized and it’s just so chic!}

{In my opinion, one of the boldest, most beautiful things in life is the ability to laugh at oneself. We shouldn’t take ourselves so seriously! Whatever the reason, laughter really is the best medicine and should be done on a daily basis.}
{The work of one of my favorite designers, Lázaro Rosa Violán is the definition of bold. This visionary designer from Barcelona mixes vintage pieces with furniture and art that he has created perfectly. While in Barcelona, I had the opportunity to meet him and see his amazing studio in person.

{In my opinion, few things are as thrilling, enriching, inspiring, or cathartic as travel. Going to a place that is foreign for you, different from where you live, allows you to grow on a multitude of levels. It is fascinating to be in the midst of a different culture, surrounded by beautiful architecture, meeting new people, and reveling in the sights, tastes, and sounds. Travel is quite possibly the thing from which I draw the most inspiration in my life, whether I am going to a place that is new to me (we just returned from Barcelona) or revisiting a place that I know and love, like New York or San Francisco.}

{The ongoing search for inspiration that we face in our daily lives is quite beautiful, in my opinion. It forces us to take a second look, to observe things we might not have otherwise noticed, but the best is when inspiration finds us. The way we feel when we have stumbled upon something new and inspiring is truly fabulous!}
Image Credits: #1 and #2- Domino Magazine #3 – Melanie Acevedo #4 – AD España #5 -Tatler Russia via dress,design, décor #6 – This is Glamorous

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